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Bell Sales Bargaining Update 6 – January 14, 2016

A new bargaining update is available – and the team had some company.

From left to right: John Caluori, Robin Dudley, Kato Nsangwa, Louise Gigure, Carlos Dion, Sonny Malhotra, Jerry Dias, Fazal Vankalwala, and Chris MacDonald.

A PDF copy is available here.
A full list of updates and bargaining documents can be found here.

Hey, Bell! Remove Stack Ranking!

Would it surprise you to know that Bell is using a widely discredited employee ranking system? It makes life worse for workers and customers.

Above: Sonny Malhotra, Kato Nsangwa, Fazal Vankalwala, and Carlos Dion.

Above: Member Shahood Haque, Elected Steward Surbhi Malhotra, and
President Sonny Malhotra posing for the End Stack Ranking campaign.

All members should be paid for sales. PERIOD!