Bargaining Updates

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Bell Sales Bargaining Updates – 2018

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December 7, 2018 – Bulletin 4

Good day Bell Sales Members

Your Bell Sales Joint Quebec and Ontario Bargaining Committee met in Toronto this week for 3 days in order to progress our agenda at the table with the goal of achieving a collective agreement.

We have discussed a good number of our issues and agreed in principal on a number of them. Also we are still working our way through the bargaining process.

Bargaining will continue December 18, 2018 for 4 more days.

We will post another bulletin following that week of bargaining.

Your Bargaining Committee:

  • Sonny Malhotra, Ontario Representative
  • Fazal Vankalwala, Ontario Representative
  • Kato Nsangwa Mumba, Quebec Representative
  • Carlos Dion, Quebec Representative
  • Louise Giguère, Quebec National Office
  • Robin Dudley, Ontario National Office

A PDF copy is available here.

November 23, 2018 – Bulletin 3

Greetings, Bell Sales Members.

Your Bargaining Committee met for 2 days this week in Toronto.

We discussed some of the Memorandums of Agreements and various other topics. Bargaining is progressing.

We will be meeting with the company again in Toronto on Dec 4-6, 2018.

Your Solidarity is appreciated and we will keep you posted as we continue to bargain your new collective agreement.

Your Bargaining Committee:

  • Sonny Malhotra, Ontario Representative
  • Fazal Vankalwala, Ontario Representative
  • Kato Nsangwa Mumba, Quebec Representative
  • Carlos Dion, Quebec Representative
  • Louise Giguère, Quebec National Office
  • Robin Dudley, Ontario National Office

A PDF copy is available here.